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Trip Insurance

Travel Insurance Rules & Policies


Group Lite Protection Plan

Note: For residents of GA, KS, LA, MN, OR, PR, SD, TX and UT, and WA, this is not Your Certificate of Insurance. Your coverage is under an individual policy and is based on the policy form TP-401-CW. To obtain Your state specific Policy please contact Travel Insured at 866-684-0218.


Claims Procedures

To facilitate prompt claims settlement:

TRIP CANCELLATION/TRIP INTERRUPTION: IMMEDIATELY Call Your Travel Supplier and Travel Insured International to report Your cancellation and avoid non-Covered Expenses due to late reporting. Travel Insured International will then advise You on how to obtain the appropriate form to be completed by You and the attending Physician. If You are prevented from taking Your trip due to Sickness or Injury, You should obtain medical care immediately. We require a certification by the treating Physician at the time of Sickness or Injury that medically imposed restrictions prevented Your participation in the Trip. Provide all unused transportation tickets, official receipts, etc.

TRIP DELAY: Obtain any specific dated documentation, which provides proof of the reason for delay (airline or Cruise line forms, medical statements, etc).

Submit this documentation along with Your Trip itinerary and all receipts from additional expenses incurred.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Obtain receipts from the providers of service, etc., stating the amount paid and listing the diagnosis and treatment.

BAGGAGE: Obtain a statement from the Common Carrier that Your Baggage was delayed or a police report showing Your Baggage was stolen along with copies of receipts for Your purchases.


Worldwide Assistance Services

  • The Travel Assistance feature provides a variety of travel related services. Services offered include:

  • Medical Evacuation

  • Medically Necessary Repatriation

  • Repatriation of Remains

  • Medical or Legal Referral

  • Inoculation Information

  • Hospital Admission Guarantee

  • Translation Service

  • Lost Baggage Retrieval

  • Passport/Visa Information

  • Emergency Cash Advance

  • Bail Bond

  • Prescription Drug/Eyeglass Replacement

Payment reimbursement to the Assistance Company is Your responsibility.

24/7 Worldwide Assistance Services

Travel Assistance, Medical Emergency,




(From all other locations)


Travel assistance services are provided by an independent organization and not by United States Fire Insurance Company or Travel Insured International. There may be times when circumstances beyond the Assistance Company’s control hinder their endeavors to provide travel assistance services. They will, however, make all reasonable efforts to provide travel assistance services and help You resolve Your emergency situation.


Administered By:

Quality Protection Worldwide

For questions or to report a claim, contact:

Travel Insured International, Inc.

P.O. Box 280568

East Hartford, CT 06128-0568

Customer Care-866-684-0218


United States Fire Insurance Company


United States Fire Insurance Company

Administrative Office: 5 Christopher Way,

Eatontown, NJ 07724

(Hereinafter referred to as "the Company")



Certificate of Insurance

This Certificate of Insurance describes all of the travel insurance benefits underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, herein referred to as the Company. The insurance benefits vary from program to program. Please refer to the Schedule of Coverage. It provides You with specific information about the program You purchased. You should contact the Company immediately if You believe that the Schedule of Coverage is incorrect.


Signed for the Company,






Insurance provided by this Certificate is subject to all of the terms and conditions of the Group Policy. If there is a conflict between the Policy and Certificate, the Policy will govern.



If You are not satisfied for any reason You must notify Us within 10 days of purchase and return Your Certificate. We will give You a full refund of premium, provided You have not already departed on the Covered Trip or filed a claim.


Effective Dates: All coverage (except Trip Cancellation) will take effect at 12:01 A.M. local time, at Your location, on the Scheduled Departure Date, provided coverage has been elected and the required premium has been paid.


Trip Cancellation coverage will take effect at 12:01 A.M. local time at Your location, on the day after the required premium for such coverage is received by the Company or its authorized representative.











Listing of Benefits/Maximum Limit

Travel Protection

  • Trip Cancellation* Trip Cost**

  • Trip Interruption* Trip Cost**

  • Trip Delay (12 hours) $500 ($150/day)

  • *Up to the trip cost protected, up to the maximum of $5,000
  • **For a $0 Trip Cost, there is no Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption is limited to $500 Return Air only

Baggage Protection

  • Baggage/Personal Effects $500

  • Per Article Limit $250

  • Combined Articles Limit $500

Medical Protection

  • Emergency Accident and Sickness, Medical Expense $10,000

  • Emergency Evacuation/Medically Necessary Repatriation/Repatriation of Remains $20,000




This Coverage A is made a part of the policy. It is subject to all the provisions of this Coverage A.

Benefits will be paid up to the Maximum Benefit Amount purchased to cover You for the Published Penalties and unused non-refundable prepaid expenses for Travel Arrangements when You are prevented from taking or completing Your Covered Trip due to:

  1. Death involving You or Your Traveling Companion or You or Your Traveling Companions Business Partner or Your Family Member;

  2. A covered Sickness or Injury involving You, Your Traveling Companion or Business Partner, or Your Family Member which necessitates Medical Treatment at the time of cancellation and results in medically imposed restrictions, as certified by a Legally Qualified Physician, which prevents Your participation in the Covered Trip;

  3. You or Your Traveling Companion being hijacked, quarantined, required to serve on a jury (notice of jury duty must be received after the Effective Date) served with a court order to appear as a witness in a legal action in which You or Your Traveling Companion is not a party (except law enforcement officers);

  4. You or Your Traveling Companion’s principal place of residence being rendered uninhabitable by fire or flood or other Natural Disaster or burglary of primary residence within 10 days of departure;

  5. You or Your or Traveling Companion being directly involved in a traffic accident, which must be substantiated by a police report, while en route to an Insured’s scheduled point of departure;

  6. Unannounced strike that causes complete cessation of services of Your Common Carrier for at least 24 consecutive hours;

  7. Weather that causes complete cessation of services of Your Common Carrier;

  8. Natural disaster at the site of Your destination, which renders Your destination accommodations uninhabitable;

  9. Felonious Assault on You or on Your Traveling Companion within 10 days of the scheduled Departure Date;

  10. You or Your Traveling Companion is in the Military and called to emergency duty for a national disaster other than war;

  11. Employer termination or layoff affecting You or a person(s) sharing the same room with You during Your Covered Trip. Employment must have been with the same employer for at least 3 continuous years;

  12. A Terrorist Incident that occurs in a city listed on the itinerary of Your Covered Trip and within 30 days prior to Your Scheduled Departure Date. This same city must not have experienced a Terrorist Incident within the 90 days prior to the Terrorist Incident that is causing Your cancellation of the Covered Trip. Benefits are not provided if the Travel Supplier offers a substitute itinerary;


Provided such unforeseen circumstances occurred after Your Effective Date.


All cancellations must be reported to the Travel Supplier within 72 hours of the event causing the need to cancel. If the event delays the reporting of the cancellation beyond the 72 hours, the event should be reported as soon as possible. All other delays of reporting beyond 72 hours will result in reduced benefit payments.


The maximum payable under this benefit is the lesser of a) total cost of Your Covered Trip; or b) the total amount of coverage You purchased.


Single Supplement: Benefits will be paid, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount, for the additional cost incurred as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate for prepaid Travel Arrangements if a Traveling Companion has Your Covered Trip delayed, canceled or interrupted for a covered reason and You do not cancel.


These benefits will not duplicate any benefits payable under the policy or any coverage(s) attached to the policy.


The Maximum Benefit Amount is shown in the Schedule of Coverage.



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